Fun + Stylish School Supplies From Etsy – for Adults, Too!

Aug 3, 2021

Fun + Stylish School Supplies From Etsy – for Adults, Too!

Aug 3, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

It’s back-to-school season and the freshly sharpened pencils are calling my name. Anyone else? If you love restocking your desk with a few new notepads and pens, check out these stylish school supplies (and office supplies!) that I’ve gathered to share today. You might not think to check Etsy for office essentials, but it’s a treasure trove of cute and creative supplies. Etsy also has endless personalization ideas, which make great back-to-school gifts for kids and teens. Let’s start with the school supplies and then add a few office essentials and electronics accessories to the mix.

Personalized Stylish School Supplies

Etsy is the best resource for anything personalized, and there are some clever ideas in the Etsy Editor’s Picks section. Most likely, your younger kids will not be encouraged to bring personalized school supplies to school, but these might make homework more fun. If you have older kids who can keep track of their own supplies, here are some cute personalized ideas for the school year.


Here are a few fun items for teachers and parents gearing up for school. These personalized stamps and stickers are clever and cute, especially for teachers. “Ready confetti” is a sweet way to calm night-before jitters. Also, check out these pre-printed notes to communicate with the school/teacher.

Don’t miss the Etsy Editor’s Picks for 2021 school supplies. This is a really fun roundup, and it includes teacher gift ideas, if you’re into those. When I was teaching, I always loved a Starbucks gift card, but truly – anything thoughtful will be appreciated! I’m planning to stick a gift card in these printable cards for our boys’ teachers:

Stylish School Supplies for Teens+

No judgment here, but I’m guessing these supplies might appeal most to tweens and teens. If you’re older than that and decide you need an otter pen in your life, go for it! I’m just grouping these fun items together for those who like their gear to have a little personality. Plus there are some great lunch bags and other items in the mix.

I just ordered this lemon correction tape and these cute cactus gel pens. For myself! (That’s why I labeled this section “teens+” because some things just have universal appeal. Like those macaron erasers…)

Desk and Office Supplies

In the mood to refresh your home office? Here are less cutesy – but still fun – ideas to spruce up your desk. I’m intrigued by the digital planners I found. Should I try one? Keep reading for ideas on computer/device accessories, too!

By the way, these are still my favorite colorful pens. Have you tried them? They are totally erasable, which comes in handy.

Make Your Electronics Smarter…

Not on Etsy, but you might want to try one of these computer/device accessories to make life easier. Here’s a little story for motivation: I bought this external hard drive months ago, with all the best intentions to back up my computer. Two weeks ago, I finally copied over some files before we left for vacation – and a few days later my laptop broke! I just can’t believe I dodged that bullet. Please learn from me and back up your work!

More ideas for your desk and devices. The portable power bank looks very handy, and the phone stand/charger is compatible with newer phones. My brother told me about a digital pen like this that can be used to jot down notes by hand, which can then be uploaded to the cloud and accessed from a computer. Neat!

Get Organized for Distance Learning

If you’re facing a few months, or another year, of distance learning, I wrote this post last year to help. I shared a ton of simple, affordable ideas to help your space feel more functional while kids are learning at home.

Ideas to Organize Your Kids’ Distance Learning Space

stylish school supplies and office supplies

There you have it! I want to say this is the ultimate Etsy school supply roundup, but Etsy is a very deep well. These finds are only scratching the surface, so I hope you feel inspired. Good luck preparing to head back to school, however that takes shape in your community. Stay safe, friends!

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