Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas That He’ll Love

Jun 1, 2020

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas That He’ll Love

Jun 1, 2020

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

If you’re searching for Father’s Day gift ideas for the dads in your life, here is a roundup of unique gifts. The typical gift guides I’ve seen don’t really apply to the men in my life. Neither my husband nor my father wants a watch, nice office clothes, sunglasses, or bar cart accessories. Those are all very nice gifts, but they just won’t work for my family. Also, I rarely buy tools because Wyatt already has them all (yes, all), and my dad is all set on that front. Let me know if you’d like a tool gift guide – I’d be happy to write one!

This Father’s Day, I’m sharing ideas to support a variety of businesses, mostly local or small. I’m also sharing ways to find and support Black-owned businesses. While I may not be writing this perfectly, I want to express that I’m learning how to become a better ally to people of color. One of the ways I’m trying to do this is with my shopping dollars.

I hope you’ll find some inspiration here for great Father’s Day gifts, and I’d love to know if you have suggestions to add to this list.

father's day gift ideas

FIRST: Edible Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Aren’t the easiest and best gifts food-related? Well, outside of gift cards, but let’s get creative here. A batch of cookies or homemade ice-cream would probably be popular with dads – and the rest of the family. If you prefer to buy rather than make, you can always place an order with a local bakery. Here are some more specific food ideas.

cake pops from Butter & Love
>> Cake pop from Butter & Love Bake Shop <<

Go Nuts! A Fun Food Subscription

Order some delicious gourmet nuts or other treats from Watanut. I ordered a “Nut of the Month Club” subscription for my dad last March, for his birthday gift. It’s been a surprising hit! He sends me updates each month on the flavors and he says they are quite tasty. We both recommend Watanut if you’re looking for a quirky, but tasty, Father’s Day gift idea.

Pistachios – Straight From the Source

Speaking of nuts, if you know a pistachio-lover, order the perfect gift here. Pistachios are a particular favorite in Wyatt’s family, and now ours, too. They are Christmas stocking stuffers, birthday and Valentine’s treats, and also just a pantry staple in our house. A few years ago, we drove down to Alamogordo, New Mexico to check out the pistachio farms and try some nuts fresh from the source. According to Wyatt, the pistachios at McGinn’s (yes, home to the world’s largest pistachio), will knock your socks off.

If you have a pistachio fan in your family, you could order a special batch from McGinn’s for a Father’s Day gift; they offer all kinds of tasty flavors. If you buy green chile pistachios, you’ll cover New Mexico’s two most famous crops in one go! McGinn’s is running a Father’s Day special of 25% off pistachios right now. Guess I’d better place an order!

Root Beer Variety Pack

Craft root beers are are nothing new, but how many have you actually tasted? Why not put together a special 6-pack of different root beers for a thoughtful Father’s Day gift? In Denver, we can usually find specialty root beers by the bottle at our smaller hardware stores, JAX Ranch & Home, Whole Foods, Natural Grocer, and certain grocery stores. If you prefer to order online, this business looks like they’ve got you covered. Aptly named, The Root Beer Store offers an extensive catalog of sodas and even a root beer of the month club! If you need some suggestions, these are some of our favorites: Virgil’s, Frostie, Dad’s, Saranac, and Henry Weinhard’s

NEXT: Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Support Black-Owned, Local and/or Small Businesses

There is no better time than now to support Black-owned, local and/or small businesses. Some of the edible Father’s Day gift ideas above also support small shops. Obviously, it’s hard for me to offer local business ideas outside of Denver, but here are a few ideas to help you start thinking along those lines:

  • gift certificate to a locally-owned restaurant, nursery, or ice-cream shop
  • service credit or gift certificate (lawn care, house cleaning, barber, dry cleaning…)
gift card to snooze for father's day
>> Gift card for Snooze, our favorite local breakfast spot <<

If you’re trying to locate Black-owned businesses to show your support, start by searching online for local business listings. In Denver, those databases are available here:

If you do live in Denver, here are some Black-owned restaurants to check out: Boney’s BBQ, Welton Street Cafe, Genna Rae’s Wing & More, CoraFaye’s Cafe, and TeeLee’s Tea Co.

LAST: Other Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Social Print Studio

Social Print Studio makes beautiful photo gifts. Wyatt says he always gets comments at work about this 365-day calendar, which I give him every Christmas. I fill the calendar with photos of our family and travels, and every day he’s reminded of a different memory or adventure. The photos are printed on a nice, thick 2×3 inch card stock, and we always end up keeping some of our favorites on our bulletin board. Although June is not the time to order a calendar, these mini prints have a similar look and size. A set of 48 prints for $15 is a nice deal, and you can file away the calendar idea for 2021.

Minor League Baseball Gear

OK, hear me out on this one. Minor League Baseball is no small business, but it’s a collection of essential local businesses. Have you been to a minor league game? Pretty fun, right? MiLB teams are full of energy, ardent local fans, and fun promotions. (A few years ago, Wyatt won a CADILLAC at a Colorado Sky Sox game during their “used car giveaway” promotion – true story! Unfortunately, it was a lemon and we donated it.) While you probably can’t attend a game right now, you can still support these local teams. It actually matters now more than ever.

wyatt's cadillac from the colorado sky sox
>> Wyatt’s Cadillac from the CO Sky Sox <<

In case you haven’t heard the news, Minor League Baseball is anticipating major cuts this year. Major League Baseball announced a plan to cut 42 teams from small cities and towns as part of a farm system overhaul. The local team stores offer a way for fans to show their love for hometown teams, especially since the games are on hiatus this summer. Even if your guy’s favorite or local team isn’t on the chopping block, he might like a new T-shirt or hat to show his support.

When you shop from a team store on MiLBstore.com, you’ll be ordering directly from that minor league team’s shop. I know this because each time Wyatt orders (another) hat, he gets a little note from the team store, thanking him for his purchase. Also, the package is shipped from each store, not some generic warehouse. So, I feel confident saying that at least part of your shopping dollars will go to the minor league team you wish to support.

Put a Little Aloha in His Day

How about a new Hawaiian shirt? Actually, they are called Aloha shirts, as we’ve learned from our native Hawaiian friends. Don’t buy a knockoff – buy an authentic shirt from Hilo Hattie, which still makes their clothing in Hawaii. This business is the exception on my list. Hilo Hattie is no longer a small business, but they are a Hawaiian treasure and make an effort to keep tradition alive in Hawaii. These shirts are Wyatt’s summer uniform, and we can speak to the quality and comfort of a breezy Hilo Hattie Hawaiian shirt.

For the Avid Gardener

I’m a novice gardener, so I only recently learned of this multi-purpose tool called a Hori Hori. Apparently, it’s fantastic for weeding, splitting plants, digging, accurate planting with depth marking, and more. “It slices! It dices!” Since authentic Hori Hori tools are Japanese, I’ll steer you to buy one from this small online garden tool retailer. Or, perhaps visit your local Ace or TrueValue and see if you can find one there.

hori hori weeding tool for father's day gift ideas
>> Hori Hori weeder from Garden Tool Co <<

Happy Father’s Day!

However you celebrate in a few weeks, I hope you are able to spend time with any and all fathers in your life. I also hope you are inspired by these unique Father’s Day gift ideas to put together a personal and thoughtful gift. I won’t be able to see my own dad this Father’s Day, but I’ll be thinking about him!

my family

Should I Write a Tool Gift Guide?

Please let me know! Would you like recommendations on hand tools vs. power tools? Brands we use and recommend? What would be most helpful? I would love to hear your feedback.

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