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28 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Declutter Your Space

Jul 20, 2021

28 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Declutter Your Space

Jul 20, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Who doesn’t love a roundup of great kitchen organization ideas and tools to cut through the clutter? This list dives deeper than just drawer organizers, to cover everything from corralling pot lids to keeping countertops clean.

Kitchen Organization Ideas for Storage

Whether you store your food and cookware in cabinets or a pantry, these organizers will keep things in place. For pantry-specific organization tips, check out this post from and start brainstorming how to adapt these ideas for your own space.

1. Expandable Bamboo Drawer Organizer

drawer organizer

2. Expandable Cooking Utensil Organizer

utensil organizer

3. Bamboo Drawer Dividers

bamboo dividers

4. Adjustable Cookware Rack

These are so handy for storing everything from pans to baking trays to pot lids. We have this organizer, which is very sturdy, but it’s not adjustable.

kitchen organization ideas for pans

5. Adjustable Food Storage Lid Organizer

lids storage

6. Stackable Basket Drawer Organizer


7. Pot Rack Organizer

kitchen organization ideas for pots

8. Undershelf Stemware Holder

wineglass racks

9. Plastic Storage Bins

I use these to hold extra fruit and snacks in the fridge, as well as organizing pantry shelves. They are stackable, durable, and the clear plastic helps you keep track of the contents.

kitchen organization ideas boxes

10. Adjustable Wrap Box Organizer

wrap storage

11. Wall or Door Mount Organizers

wrap box storage

12. Undershelf Wrap Organizer

kitchen organization ideas undershelf

13. Food Storage Bag Holder

ziploc box

14. Stackable Water Bottle Holder

water bottles

15. Glass Storage Containers

If you’re investing in food storage containers, which not choose glass? These are from Anchor Hocking, so I believe the glass jar is made in the USA, based on their website.

kitchen organization ideas canisters

16. Minimalist Pantry Labels

pantry labels

17. Spice Tray Drawer Organizer

I love these spice trays from IKEA. Can’t beat the $4 price, either!

spice racks

18. Wall Mount Spice Racks

hanging spice rack

19. “Crazy Susan” Spinning Organizer

lazy susan

20. Plastic Bag Holder

Collect and reuse plastic bags in a holder like this. Or make a DIY version using an empty tissue box – just stick it to the inside of a cabinet door using command strips.

plastic bag holder

21. Kitchen Conversion Chart Decal

Such a brilliant idea! You can order these decals in a range of colors and apply to the back of a cabinet door or side of a cabinet. There are many designs on Etsy – just search for “kitchen conversion decal.”

conversion decal

Countertop + Fridge Organization Ideas

22. Silicone Organizer Tray

It’s a tray! It’s a coaster! It’s a utensil rest! This heat-resistant silicone tray has such a range of uses in the kitchen.

kitchen organization ideas silicone tray

23. Simple Sink Caddy

sink sponge caddy

24. Hanging Fridge Drawers

kitchen organization ideas hanging drawers

25. Washable Fridge Liners

shelf liners


Here are some great apps to help you stay organized in the kitchen, too!

26. Paprika Recipe Manager

I’ve used this app for years and still love it. It’s $5 and one of the only apps I’ve actually paid for, but it works really well to organize online recipes. Plus, I love that it keeps my device turned on while I’m cooking, so I don’t have to keep unlocking the screen with messy hands.

27. Cook Smarts

My friend recommends this meal planning service, especially for busy families juggling various food allergies and diets.

28. AnyList

I use AnyList constantly and I have multiple lists running, based on stores where we frequently shop. You can share lists with someone else and add all kinds of details your items. Highly recommend.

Go Forth and Organize!

Good luck! Please send me links to any other gadgets or tools you love. Have a great week, friends.

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