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Fun and Functional Coffee Station Ideas

Jan 15, 2021

Fun and Functional Coffee Station Ideas

Jan 15, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Since it’s Friday, when I always need an extra boost of caffeine, it seems timely to share my latest coffee station ideas with you. If you caught Monday’s post about 2021 kitchen trends, you know I’m on a kitchen kick this week. I’ve been rearranging ours, much to Wyatt’s dismay, in search of a more functional layout. I’m currently debating where to rehome my coffee supplies and I’m feeling inspired to update my coffee and tea (and matcha and cocoa) hub. Today I’ve got both fun and functional tea and coffee station ideas for those of you who want to join me!

This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my blog!

coffee station ideas in kitchen

Coffee Station Ideas and Inspiration

Let’s start with some inspiration photos. If you search Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll see why I had trouble narrowing down inspiration photos to just a few. Great ideas abound! If you have plenty of space to create your coffee zone, you could include everything from an espresso machine to tea canisters to mugs to syrups and special toppings. Even if you don’t have that much space, it’s fun to get inspiration before starting your own project.

In her beautiful farmhouse-inspired home, Michelle set up this coffee station on one of her kitchen counters. I love her streamlined black and white design. See more of her home here.

Melissa, who writes The Inspired Room blog, always has a coffee station in her home. I’ve watched her displays evolve over time, and I like how she adds a mug rack to showcase a fun cup collection.

If you’re not a coffee or tea drinker, how about a hot cocoa station?? This is a fun idea for the holidays (next year!) and Roxana has a beautiful display with her neutral dishes and yummy treats. See more of her space here.

Brittnee displays her collection of kettles, etc. on a chic black table with coordinating supplies. She also runs this Etsy shop, where you can order her cute penny tile signs. See more of her interior shots here.

Coffee Station Ideas for Small Spaces

Chances are, most of us don’t have a ton of extra counter space to devote to an entire selection of tea, coffee, and cocoa. Normally, I keep my Keurig and milk frother on the tiny slice of countertop next to our stove. The mugs live in the cabinet above and spoons in the drawer below, but the coffee and tea are across the kitchen.

my keurig
> newer model colorful Keurig | milk frother <

I’m brainstorming ways to make our small spaces more functional, perhaps using one of these ideas…

Mandy corrals her french press, spoons, and sugar with a little decor on a wooden tray. See more of her cute coffee displays here.

Another way to make better use of space is to hang a shelf unit or mug rack on the wall. I’ve found lots of clever ideas for these organizing pieces. You can use a simple shelf, or invest in (or build!) a more elaborate mug display like this one:

wall mug rack
Photo: DistressedMeNot on Etsy

If you don’t have counter space, but your kitchen is large enough, you could add a table or rolling cart to house your coffee machine and accessories. Something along these lines:

Keeping a Coffee Station Organized and Out of Sight

For those of you who don’t actually want to display your coffee accoutrements, I have some ideas on that front, too. In one of my possible kitchen reconfigurations, I moved the coffee maker to our new hutch. We usually leave the doors open when we’re using appliances in this cabinet, but sometimes it’s nice to close them and pretend the kitchen is clean.

coffee station ideas in hutch

I might add a mug rack next to the Keurig, but for a temporary trial, I moved over a few mugs and small plates. In addition to closing the hutch doors, the best part of this location is the wide drawer with all of my coffee and tea supplies underneath. I bought an assortment of trays (these and these) to keep it organized.

coffee station ideas
> newer model colorful Keurig | milk frother | handwarmer mug <

In all honesty, I might just set up the coffee maker next to our charging station. The mess of cords drives me bananas, and it’s nice to tuck it all out of sight. Doesn’t make for a cute coffee station photo, but this is such a practical solution, it’s hard to resist.

As for organizing the drawer, I knew I wanted different sizes and shapes of trays. I bought these long skinny trays for my tea collection and this assortment of shapes for everything else. (Can you tell I’m hooked on this tea? Ha!)

coffee station ideas drawer organization
> multi-size tray set | long narrow tray set | compostable k-cups | SmashMallows | Yogi Bedtime tea <

Even if you can’t hide your coffee maker, or stash supplies in a convenient drawer, you can still hide things in plain sight. Use ceramic canisters to store k-cups or ground coffee. These Rae Dunn inspired canister labels are cute and affordable, so you can customize your own jars.

Add Flair to Your Tea or Coffee Station

As we enter the slog of winter, you might get a mental boost when you spot something quirky or whimsical in your kitchen. I bought myself this mug last summer and still reach for it every day because it makes me laugh. Whether you’ve been eyeing a retro Smeg coffee maker or Downton Abbey-inspired tea spoons, go for it – add something fun to your routine! Here are some ideas to add flair to your tea or coffee supplies.

Plus, let’s keep that stash organized. Whether you’re a basic black coffee drinker or a flavored latte lover, it’s helpful to have all the supplies in one place. These are some additional items that can help corral the bits and pieces. I mentioned plastic trays, mug racks, and canisters, but baskets and trays are also handy.

Have I Missed Anything?

What is your coffee or tea set up? Let me know if you have ideas to add to this list! Now I’m ready to go pour myself another cup and relax for a minute… Have a great weekend!

vintage mug
vintage mug

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