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Makers Gonna Make: The Ultimate 2023 Gift Guide for DIYers

Dec 4, 2023

Makers Gonna Make: The Ultimate 2023 Gift Guide for DIYers

Dec 4, 2023

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Hot off the press, here’s my updated 2023 gift guide for all the makers, creators, builders, and DIYers in your life!

I try to cover all the DIY bases with guides for tools, gadgets, crafts, kids’ projects, and even cooking. You won’t find slippers or coffee mugs here, but if you’re shopping for someone who often says, “Oh, I could make that,” you’re in the right place!

And with seasonal sales right now, don’t miss your chance to snag a great gift.

Warning: the prices in the product grids seem to be wonky. They should update to reflect current online prices, but it seems to be hit or miss. The links should still work for you.

Gift Guide for Home Improvement DIYers

Here are some of our favorite hand tools for DIY projects around the house. They could make great stocking stuffers or fill a toolbox, if you’re helping someone build a collection.

This short-handle paintbrush is my all-time favorite brush – it has a flexible handle that is so comfortable in your hand, especially for trim work.

favorite paint brush
Wooster Shortcut paintbrush

These switch-grip pliers are the ones we reach for first; flip easily between the two tips and the handles are comfortable to grip.

This utility knife is quite comfortable to hold and makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone with an online shopping hobby. We use this guy all the time. *ahem*

Last, I know many of us have multiple tape measures, but does your DIYer have a magnetic tape… which (sometimes) eliminates the need for a volunteer to hold the tape in place?

I also found some fun T-shirts for builders and handy folks. Scroll to see more options.

Crafters and Creators Gift Guide

I had a little too much fun putting this list together. It’s probably time to buy myself the “I Just Wanna Stay Home and Craft” t-shirt. Scroll to the right to see more options.

Looking for reusable gift wrap ideas?

I’ve got two great posts with tons of recyclable and compostable options!

Eco-friendly and Reusable Gift Wrap
Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Paper Gift Wrap


It’s hard to find a decent kit for soap-making or candles on Amazon. The issue is that the ingredients are really too cheap in those kits, unless you buy a DIY book and just source the ingredients separately.

However, these options for a DIY soap kit and a candle kit from Etsy get great reviews and appear to have higher-quality ingredients.

You could also look into kits from Bramble Berry, which is a fantastic online store for soap-making and related crafts. I’m not able to put their links in my grid, but I highly recommend them.

Here’s a kit to make bath bombs. If you want to try an easier alternative, check out my article on DIY shower steamers!

How to Make Your Own Shower Steamers

shower steamers


If you want to give a gift to a knitter/crocheter, a gift card so they can buy more yarn is ALWAYS appreciated. If you can, support an LYS (knitter-speak for local yarn shop).

Good online options: Purl Soho is a fabulous high-end shop and Knit Picks sells great products at affordable prices.

For a beginner, here’s a nice kit to make a headband.

gift guide for DIYers yarn
Knit Picks yarn
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Gorgeous Eco-Friendly Paper Gift Wrap
Eco-Friendly and Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas

Gift Guide for Creative Kids

I debated splitting this section into younger and older kids, but I’ll just let you use your own judgment. Many of the items on this list are must-haves at our house, which I’ll explain a bit below. Scroll to the right to see more options.

Klutz Kits

These are some samples from the vast Klutz book series, which are usually great. We love this mini eraser kit. Here’s proof – my son made this cute little cactus eraser, one of the projects in the book:

clay erasers in gift guide
Klutz clay eraser kit

My kids go through so much Model Magic clay that I actually buy this “classpack” box of small, individual packs of the same 4 basic colors. That way, we can ration the packs and not dry out a larger bag, and they love blending clay to make new colors.

Fair warning: I am not sure how washable the fancier set of watercolor paints truly is, so use caution there, if you live with a messy artist. Crayola is always a safe bet though, and we fly through this watercolor paper.

model magic clay and watercolor paints
Model Magic classpack box | paint pad | watercolors

One last note: friendship bracelets are back and they’re a fun craft for older kids/teens. Not just the Taylor Swift kind.

When I made these with my mom, many moons ago, we realized that this twisted embroidery thread is much easier to work with than regular embroidery floss. Michael’s carries a vast assortment of colors in smaller amounts than the pack I found for the gift idea roundup.


I think puzzles and games are an extension of the maker/builder/crafter gift genre. Here are our top picks.

kids games in gift guide for DIYers

PreK-K – Hoot Owl HootSequence KidsZingoSneaky Snacky Squirrel GameMemoryGo Fish (colors)these floor puzzles

K-2nd – UnoMonopoly JuniorGuess in 10SorryOutfoxed, Scrabble Jrjigsaw puzzles

2nd-5th+ (favorites + highly reviewed) – MonopolyCatan JrCatan (base game), chess, ScrabbleBattleshipClueYahtzeeMastermindRummikubDragonwoodSequence, and we love these jigsaw puzzles (best prices are on their website)

Gift Guide for DIYers Who Cook + Bake

Cooks and bakers definitely fall under the DIY umbrella. Here are some ideas for folks who love to be creative in the kitchen. Plus a few highly-rated gadgets to try!

I just discovered this fantastic cookbook, if you know someone who loves Indian food. I also highly recommend these cloth napkins and these dish cloths. Both sets are beautiful and durable.

cooking gift guide items
napkins | cookbook | dish cloths

Speaking of beautiful linens, have you tried wrapping kitchen and bath gifts in a tea towel? Such a beautiful twist on a gift in a gift – and there’s no paper waste! Don’t miss this post with ideas:

Eco-friendly and Reusable Gift Wrap Ideas

Here are some great gadgets, kitchen accessories, and nice linens to gift someone.

Happy Gifting!

Do you have any suggestions for DIYers that I should add to this guide? Please let me know! Hope you’re able to grab everything you’ve got on the list for family and friends!

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Suzanne Doonan
Suzanne Doonan
2 years ago

My favorite website for yarn is WEBS. That’s Discounts for purchases over $60 . . . so I have a large stash. Beautiful patterns, too.

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