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Modern Curb Appeal Ideas to Consider

Mar 7, 2024

Modern Curb Appeal Ideas to Consider

Mar 7, 2024

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Check out these modern curb appeal ideas to freshen up your home’s exterior in 2024. I’ve been collecting photos on my walks to share examples of interesting ideas I’ve spotted in the wild. (I’ve removed house numbers for added privacy.)

Most of these ideas are very DIY-friendly! I’ve added links to past blog posts for the projects we’ve tried on our homes.

Plus, I’ve included shopping links in some of the sections below, with items that caught my eye recently.

modern curb appeal

Paint Your Front Door

If you only choose one idea to tackle on this list of curb appeal updates, paint your front door. You’ll get the most bang for your buck, with a fresh coat of paint in a contrasting color.

A bright front door makes such a visual statement and is a great opportunity to add a bit of color to your home, if that’s your thing.

Whether or not you would choose any of these colors, consider the overall effect of these front doors. Do you notice much about the rest of the yard or home? Do you zoom in on the focal point?

The first door is a bit hard to see in photos, but it’s a warm purple.

colorful door
lime green door
modern curb appeal
blue front door

Replace the Handleset

While adding a fresh coat of paint, why not update your entry handleset? No need to keep the existing knob when you could change it out for modern hardware and give the entire door a true makeover.

These are good options at a few price points from reputable hardware retailers, available on Amazon. Check out this post on modern hardware for more background on why that matters. I do not recommend buying door hardware from lesser-known internet brands.

Affordable Modern Door Hardware

You might also want to add personality with a fun knocker and doorbell. I rounded up some interesting ideas in this blog post a few years ago:

doorbells and door knockers

Funky Yard Art

While this is certainly not for everyone, a bit of funky yard art can be a fun focal point. Don’t forget, I live in Boulder. We love funky art.

Check out these metal flamingos. I look forward to them every time I walk my dog, and I couldn’t even tell you what the house in the background looks like.

funky yard art

Oversized Planters

If you love a pot of seasonal flowers on the porch or steps, oversize planters are the way to go. Too small and the scale will look out of balance; it’s worth investing in a larger pot or container.

Returning to one of the earlier photos, this house does large planters really well:

modern curb appeal

Here are some affordable options to consider, but Facebook Marketplace is also a great source for these.

Statement Lighting

Why not choose a fun light feature to spruce up your home’s exterior? This front porch always makes me smile, but I imagine the red chandelier is a little exotic for most of us. Just check it out…

modern curb appeal with statement lighting

I’m planning to order this light for our front porch. I have a thing for circles and it caught my eye.

I also stumbled across this great dupe for a fun modern light from Rejuvenation. It even comes in two globe sizes, like the pricier version.

Here are more lights to consider, many of which are newer designs for 2024. None of these are integrated LED lights, because you know how I feel about those.

New House Numbers

House numbers had their moment in the sun a few years ago, but if you missed that DIY craze, try it now. You could create a house number plaque like this or just swap out the numbers. This project is always a great way to boost your home’s modern curb appeal.

How to Install a House Number Plaque

house number plaque

If you don’t want to tackle this DIY, check out Etsy designers for interesting and unique house number plaques. Check out the last option here on Etsy (the photo below is terrible); it’s a backlit LED house number and the overall effect is very pretty.

Update Your Mailbox

How about a new mailbox for your curb appeal refresh? If you can’t find a modern version at the usual retailers, try hunting for a retro or custom mailbox on Etsy. Modbox makes really fun retro mailboxes; I spotted this one in my neighborhood.

retro mailbox

Why are these always so expensive? I have never solved that puzzle, but I tried to find more affordable options for this blog post. The most interesting modern styles are not cheap, though.

Pressure-Wash + Tidy Up

Rent a pressure washer and spruce up your siding, brick, garage doors, fence, walkways, and driveway. You’ll be stunned at the impact of this DIY weekend project on your home’s exterior. Sometimes a good cleaning is the best way to refresh your home.

This home always looks immaculate, so it’s my inspiration for a tidy exterior.

modern curb appeal

Update Your Seating

If you have space for a chair or bench on your front porch or stoop, update the furniture with modern selections. Home stagers love to place an egg chair and an outdoor rug on patios and porches for a modern, eye-catching vignette.

Add Flowers Along Walkways

This house is one of my favorites in the spring and summer.

beautiful landscaping

If you don’t want to plant a ton of annuals or have a long sidewalk or driveway, consider adding a few strategic planters. You could place a large planter at the beginning or end of the driveway for a pop of color.

If you prefer a cluster of pots, stick to groups of three for visual balance. Continuity matters here: either choose three different pots and keep the plants the same/similar or choose related pots if you want to mix up the flowers.

Another great option is to plant ornamental grasses along walkways and/or the driveway for a decorative update.

Fix Driveway and Walkways

If possible, reseal your driveway and fix any noticeable cracks or damage. There’s nothing like a cracked sidewalk or driveway to signal deferred maintenance. This is especially important if you’re trying to sell your home.

Add Solar Lights to Walkways

Pop solar-powered lights along your driveway and in your garden beds for a sweet evening glow. Not only is this practical for visitors, but the addition of solar lights will class up your landscaping at night.

That’s a wrap! I hope you find some inspiration here today. Modern curb appeal is within reach and doesn’t need to break the bank. When all else fails, just plant a few perennials in your favorite color. They will fill in over time and perk up a corner of your yard.

modern curb appeal

Hi! I’m Erin, a Colorado-based home improvement blogger and lover of all things DIY. I aim to inspire creative folks to tackle home improvement with confidence and style. READ MORE

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