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10 Easy DIY Home Projects to Tackle This Spring

Mar 23, 2021

10 Easy DIY Home Projects to Tackle This Spring

Mar 23, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Welcome, spring! With the seasons shifting, why not try one of these 10 easy DIY home projects? I’ve compiled ideas here that most folks can handle, with supplies you might already have on hand or can order online. It feels great to accomplish something, and you’ll add value to your home as a result. Always a good thing!

Exterior DIY Home Projects

Change Your House Numbers

Pinterest has so many fun ideas for updating house numbers. You could build a planter box with numbers, a wooden sign, just replace the numbers, or simply give them a fresh coat of paint in a fun color. This post has tips for spray painting metal. I changed out our house numbers last year with a cute circular plaque, which really adds a modern touch. I still love it, even though I didn’t DIY the plaque – which you totally could!

How to Install a House Number Plaque

wooden house plaque
Image source

Update Your Mailbox

Add some personality to your front entry with a new mailbox. As DIY home projects go, this is an easy change to make! You’ll need to find mounting instructions for your particular siding, but here are a few ideas to help:

Mount to brick or vinyl siding | Mount to wood, stucco, also brick

diy home projects replace mailbox

Our quirky license plate mailbox is an Etsy find. The shop seems to have closed down, unfortunately. Here are other ideas for unique or modern mailboxes.

Spray Paint Something Decorative

Give old planters, metal chairs, or other decorative yard items new life with a fresh coat of paint. Spray paint is a fun and quick way to make an update, especially to exterior items. A few years ago, I painted a decorative water pump in our front yard and it has held up really well. If you have spray paint in your stash, use it up! If not, I use and recommend Rust-Oleum.

Other items you’ll need: Wire Brush | Respirator | Primer | Clear Coat | Cardboard (get it?)

Tips and Tricks to Spray Paint Metal

Prep Your Landscaping

Now is a great time to prep your garden beds. Cut back ornamental grasses before they send out new growth. Clear out dead foliage on perennials to make way for new shoots. Our lamb’s ear gets particularly overgrown, and I forgot to cut it back last fall, but it’s very forgiving. I just pull all the dead leaves off the top of the plant to give new leaves space to breathe. Dig out any new weeds. Clean up stray pine cones, dead leaves, and any stray debris.

10 diys

Interior DIY Home Projects

Houseplant Maintenance

Check in with your houseplants. Do they need to be cut back? Repotted? Split? I am guilty of letting my plants grow until they seem ready to burst out of their pots, so perhaps I’ll tackle this one. Here is guidance. You could order potting soil and cute new pots, or perhaps just shift around your existing pots. Or how about this idea? Split and replant one of your overgrown beauties and leave it on a neighbor’s doorstep.

I use this soil moisture meter to check my plants – it has been a game changer for my fiddle leaf fig.

Organize Something

If you’re feeling ambitious, then this could be the best year ever for a deep spring cleaning. I prefer to take baby steps, so I would recommend starting small… like with a shelf or bookcase. Last year I finally organized medical supplies with some fun new labels.

DIY Cleaning Hacks for People Who Hate to Clean

diy home projects - organize medicine closet

Paint a Piece of Furniture

When I brainstorm DIY home projects, painting is always at the top of my list. It’s cheap and it’s easy. Could you refresh your bedroom by painting a nightstand? How about an end table? Perhaps your dining room chairs could use a fun color to perk up the room? Last summer, I painted some unfinished $35 Ikea nightstands with leftover primer and paint I found in the basement. With a hardware switcheroo, also from Ikea, they look much nicer!


If you don’t want to sand or prime, I recommend trying General Finishes milk paint. I’ve painted our old kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity with this paint; it looks great and is super durable.

You’ll need: General Finishes milk paint | GF top coat | paintbrush or foam brushes (for a smoother finish)

The Easiest Way to Paint Cabinets

diy home projects paint a cabinet
Here’s the easiest way to paint a vanity

Upgrade Your Light Switches

Speaking of learning new skills, if you’ve never changed an outlet or light switch, try it! This is a 15-minute project (once you figure it out) and truly, not that difficult. You just need a $1 switch and a Phillips-head screwdriver. I wrote this nerdy electric post on our new light switches and it has links to tutorial videos and resources. Personally, I think the LeGrand products are super cool, but you could also just replace old switches/outlets with standard new ones. Here is a tutorial on replacing a standard light switch, which differs a bit from the LeGrand products. DON’T FORGET TO FLIP THE BREAKER FIRST.

You might need: new basic switches | LeGrand switches | wire strippers | 5-in-1 screwdriver

Favorite Stylish and Modern Light Switches

10 diys
LeGrand combo switches + outlets

Update Your Photo Albums or Photo Books

I started typing “organize your photos” and then broke out in hives. Full disclosure: I find that giant task too overwhelming, so I just keep kicking the can down the road. If you like it, get on it! An easier entry point for me is to update photo albums. I love real prints in little albums for the kids to look at.

I’m a fan of the app FreePrints, which lets me order up to 85 free 4×6 photos each month. I pay about $10 for shipping, but that still seems like a pretty good deal. It’s also easy to use, which helps me stay on top of ordering photos. Plus, you can see which photos you’ve ordered previously, so you won’t double up by mistake.

You might need: photo albums | FreePrints app | binders | photo pages

Good Old Spring Cleaning

What’s a list of spring DIY projects without spring cleaning? It’s so fun! Kidding. If you hate cleaning, well… you are my people. I put this post together of easy cleaning hacks for anyone looking for shortcuts. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to tackle one of these ideas next weekend.

Easy Cleaning Hacks for People Who Hate to Clean

diy home projects including spring cleaning hacks


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4 years ago

Loved your plant comments. This is the time of year I generally repot everything. Another great plant for sharing is snake plant. Good for the air in your home and I truly believe you can’t kill it. I live in a condo with a balcony and I’ve managed to maintain some perennials out there for several years. I just leave them out there to rest all winter and they thrill me with their reappearance each March.
Today, on my lonely social distancing walk I saw a neighbor digging in the ornamental plantings. Normally, condos don’t let you garden, but these are different times, and if you check with management first, they’ll probably let you do your thing. A bit of digging in the dirt is one thing I hear from friends ( and I agree) that they miss the most when downsizing to a condo.

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