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2023 Ceiling Light Trends

Jan 19, 2023

2023 Ceiling Light Trends

Jan 19, 2023

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Here are the ceiling light trends for 2023 that will be featured at a retailer near you. If you’re ready for a change in your ceiling lights, from flush mount to pendant to chandelier, this post is full of inspiration for your next home update. If you want to skip the trending styles ($$ – $$$), jump to the affordable options in ceiling light trends here.

I pulled images from CB2 and Crate&Barrel for the feature image at the top of this article. You’ll find links to those lights below.

Ceiling Light Trends for 2023

SECTION ONE – Trend Inspiration

SECTION TWO – Affordable Options

Ceiling Light Trends Overview

If you love organic shapes, natural materials, and artistic designs, you are in luck. Ceiling light trends are heading to the artsy side of the spectrum and away from industrial, structured designs. There are certainly plenty of traditional lighting options, but many retailers are featuring lights that almost look hand-crafted – and some are! Softer lines, sculptural shapes, wood, and wavy glass are popping up all over the place.

All of these examples are from CB2 but they cover the bases. Aren’t these beautiful?

Ceiling lights are also becoming more interesting as LEDs evolve. Personally, I still prefer a light fixture with changeable bulbs (and I use LEDs) over an integrated light, because I don’t want to replace the entire fixture just because a light dies. You might spot an LED-integrated light fixture or two with a unique design in this roundup.

These are the trending elements in new ceiling lights for 2023:

  • Brass and black metals
  • Natural materials – rattan, wood, bamboo, seagrass
  • Opaque glass is returning
  • Sculptural, artistic styles

Brass and Black Metals

Brass is still going strong as the metal of choice. Sometimes it’s tough to find a single silver light at some shops – that’s how strongly brass has cornered the market. Black is still going gangbusters, too.

In fact, I’ve seen plenty of two-tone black and brass fixtures, in case you want both finishes. If you’re on a desktop, scroll to the right to see everything.

Natural Materials

From seagrass to capiz shells, you’ll find woven shades and organic materials at every major light retailer. Serena & Lily offers the best coastal lighting inspiration, but if you can’t afford to drop thousands of dollars on a chandelier, plenty of knock-offs have sprung up.

Jump straight to the deal section here, where I sourced affordable light fixtures.

Medium-tone wood is also popping up in all styles of ceiling lights. Sometimes this has a mid-century vibe, but not necessarily.

Opaque Glass

Finally, opaque glass is starting to come back in vogue. Clear glass globes have had a strong hold on the market the past few years, and while very pretty fixtures, the light cast from these can be quite stark.

Perhaps homeowners are realizing that diffuse lighting is easier on our eyes? More flattering? Or perhaps there are more bloggers taking pretty photos in their kitchens and driving the shift back to opaque glass.

Sculptural, Organic Styles

Organic shapes and sculptural designs are emerging from many lighting retailers. Simply scroll through the collection at CB2 and you’ll see exactly what I mean; it’s a modern art gallery. If you’re looking for a statement light that doubles as a piece of art, you’re shopping at exactly the right moment! Check out some of these beauties.

What Happened to Modern Farmhouse and MCM Sputniks?

While still plentiful, industrial and sputnik shapes are starting to fade. You’ll still find plenty of sputniks on Amazon, but if you look to the top retailers for design ideas, the mid-century-modern lights are evolving to have softer, more fluid lines.

Vintage-inspired lighting is leaning into art deco details. I also spotted a few lights with a gilded, old-Hollywood flavor. Rejuvenation really does this best; check out this light and this light.

Where to Look for Lighting Inspiration

As you can see, I love to scan the lighting collections at these shops for ceiling light trends and inspiration.

By the way, some of these retailers have more depth than you might guess. Rejuvenation began as an architectural salvage company and still operates a lighting factory in Portland, Oregon. Schoolhouse also assembles high-quality lights in Portland. West Elm sells some hand-crafted products made in Fair Trade Certified factories.

SECTION TWO – Affordable Options

How to Find Affordable Knock-offs

Beautiful, statement lighting can really make your interior design pop – and your wallet. Realistically, how many of us have thousands to spend on ceiling light trends?

I will make the case for spending a little more on a light you love. Trust me, if it’s in your budget, you won’t regret it because you’ll love seeing it in your space. Here’s my favorite ceiling light from our last house. This entry nook is one of my favorite spaces.

Tour Our Remodeled Denver House

ceiling light trends

How to Install Groutable Vinyl Floor Tile

Here’s where you can shop for stylish lighting without breaking the bank. You can find more affordable lights at some of the retailers featured above (CB2, West Elm, and Urban Outfitters) so don’t rule them out.

You might also like this blog post: Designer Lighting Dupes: Get the Look for Less.

Here’s a great example of this very popular, woven pendant light at two price points:

Affordable Lighting Sources

Flush Mount Roundup

Amazon has a deep bench if you’re looking for on-trend flush mounts, but it takes some digging to find styles you love. This one link alone has a slew of great lights from Globe Electric.

I’m not sure this capiz flush mount ever goes out of style and it’s currently 40% off at World Market. Wow.

ceiling light trends

Here are more flush mount lights for less than $200, and most are under $100. There are a lot in this collection, so be sure to scroll to see the full roundup.

Semi-Flush Mount Lights

This roundup is also under $200, with most lights under $100. If you’re looking for a particular finish (black, brass, chrome…) click on the image to see if the light is available in other styles. Many of them are.

Pendant Lights

Here’s where the prices start to climb, but I did find plenty of affordable pendants. Check these out and click through to see alternate metal finishes. Etsy is a great source for unique, hand-crafted pendants.


I’ve grouped the pendant lights with more than 3 bulbs together with the chandeliers because they serve the same lighting purpose. Also, it’s hard to stay low on price when you scout chandys. They are more expensive due to their size and complexity, but I’ve shared the most affordable, modern chandelier lights I could locate.

How to Navigate Amazon

Amazon can feel like a black hole of choices, but it’s also my go-to source for affordable lighting. There are some really neat, affordable fixtures if you have the patience to dig through piles of lights. Here’s how to navigate the lighting options without going bonkers. I shared these tips a few years ago in my post Designer Lighting Dupes: Get the Look for Less, but Amazon has changed the search function.

AMAZON SEARCH TIPS – Type in your search phrase, click on an item that is close to what you have in mind. Here I searched glass bubble light and clicked on the first one to catch my eye. Don’t worry about the price for a minute.

Disclaimer: any prices you see in my screenshots may not be accurate; hopefully I won’t get in trouble with Amazon for trying to help you shop!

ceiling light trends


Scroll down the page and look for the section subtitled Discover similar items related to your search.

This will be a mishmash of lights with some similar features. Below, some have the bubble cluster I have in mind, but others miss the mark entirely.

ceiling light trends


Watch what happens when I click on the button See more like this to narrow my search for a bubble light. Amazon adds a new row below with more suggestions.

ceiling light trends


I circled two of them in the new row, which fit my search for style. You might notice that there are few duplicates of the same light at different price points.

ceiling light trends


You can also click the X to remove options you don’t like.

I deleted the three most expensive lights ($1,800! Really Amazon?). Here’s what Amazon shows next. Lower prices on options aligned style-wise to the first bubble light. I circled what changed below:

ceiling light trends


Now, to focus on the price range I have in mind, I clicked on the price button at the top. Adjust this accordingly (change the price by clicking More Filters at top right). Once you select a price range, it’s almost an entirely new selection and you’ll need to start X-ing out options again.

Good luck! I find this to be the most efficient way to sort through the thousands of options. If you have a better method, please let me know and I’ll share it here.

Why Not Start With Price Range?

If you’re wondering why I didn’t start by narrowing my search to my budget, here are my reasons.

1. Starting with the style search gives you a better sense of pricing. Your ideal light might be in the $300-500 price range, not the $100-200 range. You have to look at the options to figure this out.

2. It’s easier to find the light and then lower the price range to see if cheaper options exist. If they don’t, then you can decide to a) spend more or b) change design plans for a less expensive light.

What’s On Your List for a New Light?

What are you hunting for? Are you finding it tricky to source a particular style of light? Let me know! I might be able to help and I’ll keep it in mind for future lighting research.


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