Affordable Wall Sconce Ideas for Your Home

Mar 6, 2021

Affordable Wall Sconce Ideas for Your Home

Mar 6, 2021

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I recently discovered a treasure trove of affordable wall sconce inspiration. Today’s roundup of stylish, quirky, sleek, classic, and modern sconces makes me wish we had a sconce to replace. I really tried to keep the price point under $100 per fixture, but a few intriguing options cost a bit more. If you’re in the market for a new wall light, check out these great finds!

Entryway Wall Sconce Inspiration

Lighting up your entryway with a sconce or two is a great opportunity to add statement lighting.

Here are beautiful sconces to welcome you home:

Hallway Sconce Ideas

Typically, shallow sconces work best in hallways. You won’t want to have a giant light sticking out into the space, or you’ll be shopping for a replacement as soon as someone accidentally breaks it. The sconce in our hallway is a bit rustic for our house, but I really like the pattern when it’s lit.

wall sconce in our hallway

Personally, I like flat sconces in hallways. I saw this modern black and brass sconce at an open house once, and I have been searching for it online ever since. If you know where to buy it, please send me a link!

modern hall light

Here are some other good options for hallways.

Wall Sconce Inspiration for Bedrooms

Installing wall sconces in your bedroom, instead of using nightstand lamps, is a huge trend. If you’re willing to rewire the wall for new fixtures (here’s how to do it), sconces will really elevate the look of your bedroom.

wall sconces in bedroom
Photo: Pottery Barn

These are some stylish options for bedroom wall sconces.

The easiest way to get this look is to use plug-in wall sconces. That way you don’t have to rewire for new lighting. Some of these have optional cords, so you can choose to plug-in or hardwire for installation:

Bathroom Wall Sconce Options

If you choose sconces to flank a bathroom mirror, just make sure the light will be bright enough. Small sconces don’t always cut it for this design. Also, bathroom sconces should be UL-listed for damp spaces. These particular sconces, below, are gorgeous, but they are also quite an investment. I’m sharing them for inspiration, and I dug up a few more affordable options for you.

Rated for damp spaces, like bathrooms:

I love how these unique black and brass sconces are installed in this bathroom. This photo shows two different fixtures, and these sconces are on the sides of the mirrors. They are also the first light in the collection above.

bath sconces

Let’s wrap this up with a fun roundup of quirky and unique wall sconces. Check the UL-listing if you plan to use one in a bathroom. This basket light is calling my name!

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