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Budget Makeovers: Accent Wall Inspiration

Apr 13, 2021

Budget Makeovers: Accent Wall Inspiration

Apr 13, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Who else loves a great accent wall? From simple and textural to striking and unique; an accent wall can transform the look of an entire room. Today I’ve collected a range of ideas to inspire your next statement wall, and it’s the first post in my new series of Budget Makeovers. In this series, I plan to highlight affordable updates that any adventurous DIYer can tackle. Check out these great ideas for accent walls and drop a comment below to let me know which one is your favorite!

accent wall

Geometric Wood Design Accent Wall

First idea: slap some wood on that wall! Modern geometric wall designs, created with thin strips of wood, are very popular right now. Especially if you choose a nature-inspired green paint to tie the design together… You’ll find a ton of ideas for these walls on Pinterest and Instagram; here is a great visual from Angela Rose Home and here is a tutorial to build one.

DIY Tip: This accent wall technique looks best on smooth walls, because the effect looks more cohesive without a distracting wall texture underneath.

Another version: this chevron design is a beautiful variation of the geometric wood accent wall. Here’s the tutorial from Cribbs Style.

Picture Frame Wall Moulding

If your home has a more traditional vibe, here’s another fun way to create an accent wall with wood moulding. Install a decorative wood trim in picture frame shapes that work with your space; typically with larger boxes on top and smaller frames below. Mock up the boxes and layout with painter’s tape first, so you can visualize frame sizes that look best on your wall. Once everything is nailed up, fill nail holes with wood putty, caulk seams, and paint the whole shebang. Here’s a good tutorial from Shelley at Crazy Wonderful with plenty of photos of her project.

Sharpie Shiplap

Ah, shiplap… you probably either love it or hate it at this point. If you’re a shiplap junkie and you don’t want to install and paint the boards (here’s how), you can take a major shortcut and just draw the lines on a white wall with a Sharpie. Seriously, it’s a thing. Not everyone will go for this hack, but if you add a console table and some art, I think it could work. Make sure you use a level and draw straight lines to avoid the “escaped toddler” look. Or just try a shiplap wallpaper like this.

Peel and Stick Wood Paneling

Inspo photo: I recently toured a beautiful home with a rustic wood accent wall in the formal living room. These are real weathered wooden planks installed on the wall, and the crown moulding piece is made of the same material. I’m just sharing this photo for inspiration – it’s likely custom woodwork, rather than a budget makeover; although an intrepid DIYer could tackle it with reclaimed barn wood (like this).

accent wall wood plank
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Here’s an easier idea. Get the look of a wood-planked wall with peel and stick paneling. This particular panel product comes in many different wood tones and a few different designs, including herringbone. I haven’t seen it in person, but I’m intrigued; it’s made in Maine from 100% reclaimed wood. Many colors are available and here’s just one option:

accent wall peel and stick
reclaimed wood peel & stick paneling

Stencil or PainTed Design

Stencils are one of the most wallet-friendly ways to create an accent wall. I always recommend Cutting Edge Stencils (not sponsored), because they sell great products and share tons of design inspiration. They even offer helpful videos so you can get technique tips before you start. Here’s a beautiful project from Bloom in the Black, using this stencil.

One word of caution: if your walls are textured, stencils might be hard to paint crisply. In that case, how about a striking, simple design, like this accent wall from Maggie Miller Interiors:

Washi Tape Design Hack

Use washi tape or electrical tape to create a cool design on a white wall. The design below was created using black contact paper, but electrical tape would probably be faster and easier. This idea is also a great way to create a temporary design or accent wall if you’re not 100% committed to paint or stencils.

Accent Wall Mural

Why not paint an abstract or simple wall mural? Wallpaper murals are also very popular right now for this look. Something like this watercolor-inspired mural wallpaper might be a doable DIY painting project, too.

For more large format wall art, don’t miss my post on DIY + Affordable Wall Art Ideas.

More wallpaper murals: Etsy | Wayfair | Amazon | West Elm | Society6 | MuralsWallpaper

painted mural accent wall
watercolor mural wallpaper

Did you find inspiration in these projects? The blue-on-blue stencil idea has me rethinking my laundry room design, which I plan to share with you soon. Have fun with your next accent wall project!

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3 years ago

Thank you so much for including my project in your roundup! You have have some great ideas in here.

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