Great Amazon Kitchen Organization Finds

May 11, 2023

Great Amazon Kitchen Organization Finds

May 11, 2023

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

These Amazon kitchen organization tools are worth a look, if you’re trying to make your space more functional. I recently bought a few of these items and loved them so much, I need to share the wealth. I also dug up other highly-rated kitchen organization ideas to add to this list. Who doesn’t love a good space-saving organizer? Click on the text links or the images for details and pricing.

Amazon Kitchen Organization Items for Cabinets

These gadgets work with most standard kitchen cabinets. You may need to check a few specs on your cabinets before buying, to ensure these items will fit, but most should. Upper wall cabinets are typically 12″ deep and base cabinets are 24″ deep, but the widths vary.

Tupperware Lid Organizer

I thought this thing was silly at first, but I bought it and am in love. (Nothing says you’re 40+ like a fondness for cabinet organizers.) Previously, I stashed all the lids in a jumbled pile, which would come crashing down on my head every few months. Fun. Now the lids stay sorted in this customizable tray.

amazon kitchen organization lids

Water Bottle Organizer

Speaking of things rolling off shelves… this water bottle organizer is fantastic! You can buy any configuration that works for your cabinets. I bought two stacking shelves to hold 6 bottles and I’m about to double that. This goes in the category of items I never knew I needed but are worth the $20 (approx).

amazon kitchen organization bottles

Drawer Storage Ideas

This compact utensil holder looks handy for small kitchens. I ordered one to try out and I’ll update this post when I have feedback to share.

Pot Lid Racks

One style is the back-of-door rack, to clear up shelf space. Word of caution, make sure your pot lids are slim enough to fit in the design you purchase. Reviews say this style seems great but is too slim for some lids.

My particular lids need a rack like this design below:

Or free-standing racks:

Pan Organizer

I use a pan organizer like this one, turned on its side to slide the pans into the slots. Amazon has a billion choices for these, and the reviews will tell you if each is good or if the shelves fall off, etc.

If you have enough space for this pot rack, it’s a top seller and 50% off right now (time of publication).

Lighting Hacks

I know, it’s a stretch to call this a kitchen organizer, but adding more light to the kitchen is almost always a good thing. These under-cabinet lights are wireless, motion-sensored, stick-on LEDs that can pop under cabinets. If you have limited power outlets, live in a rental, or just want more light on your counters or in the pantry, give these a try.

Jar Lid Opener

This gizmo caught my eye because I’m finding jar lids harder and harder to open. For only $6, the current sale price, I just tossed this in my Amazon cart and will report back.

Amazon Countertop Organization Finds

Coffee Pod Storage

For those who buy coffee pods, this storage drawer makes use of the counter space already occupied by your machine. No need to add more clutter. Love it.

Appliance Cord Organizer

Honestly, I wouldn’t use this cord keeper on hot appliances, but it would be great for a blender, food processor, or coffee maker.

Standing Spoon Rest

This utensil holder has a unique design and uses less counter space than a standard spoon rest. Instead of laying utensils down, prop them up with this design. It also holds a pot lid, if you want to house both in one stand.

Pantry Organizers

Canisters for Dry Goods

I finally joined the party and decanted dry baking ingredients into canisters. Honestly, I’ve long doubted this would be worth my time, but I’m a convert. These colorful jars caught my eye and I couldn’t resist trying them.

I bought a range of colors and sizes, printed labels on my Cricut, and now we’re in business. If you’d like the template, just send me an email (erin (at) and I’ll share the SVG file. They do make it a lot easier to toss pancake ingredients into a bowl without opening and closing 25 different bags. So far, so good.

amazon kitchen organization canisters

If you prefer clear canisters, OXO makes lovely, clear vacuum-sealed plastic containers. I’ve owned a few of these for 15+ years and they still work perfectly.

Spice Racks

How do you deal with spices? Right now we have these racks on the back of the pantry door. They get the job done, but they also weigh down the door and it no longer closes quite right.

amazon kitchen organization spices

Even easier than those racks are these magnetic spice racks. Stick them to the side of the fridge for easy access; reviews say they have a powerful magnetic hold and are great for rentals. Plus, they are currently on sale!

I’ve always been intrigued by the next idea. Install these shallow pull-down drawers under a set of upper cabinets or on a pantry shelf. The spices are close to eye level and also easy to tuck out of the way.

Do any of you use a Lazy Susan and do you like it? This spinner seems handy, especially with space for different jar sizes.

Food Storage Bins

The top search results for Amazon kitchen organization are almost entirely food storage containers. My favorites are these clear storage bins from iDesign on Amazon. I’ve purchased many sizes over the years to stash our giant collections of nuts, canned foods, condiments, and other snacks. They stack easily and can be used in the fridge, too.

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Fridge Storage Hacks

Hanging Drawers

Oh man. I really want to be the person who unpacks eggs into this adorable hanging fridge drawer. Never gonna happen here, but maybe you’ll feel inspired.

However, I could definitely make use of this clip-on drawer. Surely my child would eat more fruit if he had his own special spot to root around for snacks…

Clear Bins

The clear food storage bins I mentioned above also work in the fridge. This bin for cans is in my Amazon cart right now. Is anyone else a seltzer addict?

Tiny Item Storage

I’m intrigued by these mini, hanging storage boxes that appear to clip onto the shallow fridge door shelves. They look great for the tiny tubes of wasabi or anchovy paste that get lost among ketchup and mayo. But what does “dogger design” mean??

Amazon Supply Closet Organization

If you’re lucky enough to have a supply closet near your kitchen, do you organize your cleaning products and supplies? Here are a few simple ways to cut through the clutter.

Mop and Broom Hanger

This cleaning tool organizer looks great. I’ve used these Command single mop holders but this one rack holds 4 items and is on super sale right now!

Cleaning Product Caddies

I’ll be honest. I didn’t understand this caddy at first, but Amazon keeps showing it to me while I research this blog post. The photos show someone wearing it while cleaning (what??) but I can’t see that happening in real life. If you’re in the market for a cute cleaning tote, here you go.

Hot tip: do not buy this for Mother’s Day.

Or stash your products in a simple cleaning caddy to keep your favorite items on hand as you move around the house.

Cleaning Time Savers

What to call this section, really? Here are the kitchen items that help you stay organized and prevent extra or annoying cleaning tasks.

Sink Trays

Check out this handy silicone faucet tray. It fits around the faucet and drains into the sink, rather than collecting water.

For a smaller footprint and nine color options, check out this silicone tray.

Shelf Liners

Fridge shelf liners are a great sanity-saver. Just peel them up to wash when you notice a spill in the fridge.

Made in the USA, these premium shelf liners get stellar reviews for a range of uses. They are intended for dry food shelving in a pantry or cabinets, although reviewers suggest even more uses.

What Great Finds Have You Discovered?

Send me your favorite Amazon kitchen organization gadgets. I’ve mined pages of Amazon’s top picks, but I’m sure there are more great ideas to share in this round-up. Please chime in!


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