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Best IKEA Karlstad Cover + Budget Slipcovers

Sep 7, 2023

Best IKEA Karlstad Cover + Budget Slipcovers

Sep 7, 2023

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

If you need a new Karlstad cover for your discontinued IKEA Karlstad couch, you’ll love this post. Budget slipcovers are plentiful these days, and I’m sharing the best options I’ve tried with sources and tutorials.

We cover our furniture for any number of reasons, right? Protecting an investment from kids and pets… covering a questionable splotch… changing up decor… updating a second-hand piece…

Here are the best budget slipcovers I’ve bought (and made) and a highly recommended Karlstad cover to try.

karlstad cover

Try This Karlstad Cover to Rescue Your IKEA Couch

If you’re just looking for a recommendation to recover your Karlstad couch, jump to this section. We’ve had our Karlstad chaise + couch combo for 15+ years at this point and it’s still going strong. However, the Karlstad covers we owned with the original purchase needed some updating.

Here’s what I researched, bought, and now highly recommend! This post is unsponsored and entirely my own opinion.

But first, here are other budget slipcovers to consider for your non-Karlstad items.

Affordable Furniture Slipcover Ideas

If you live with pets or kids, it can be hard to keep your furniture in great shape. I’ve recovered and protected a few pieces over the years, and I’m starting this post with the cheapest tricks I’ve tried.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get cheaper or easier than covering a sofa with a sheet or blanket. When our kids were tiny, I used to cover our couch with matching flannel sheets. I bought a dark brown flannel set to match the upholstery and just washed it as often as needed. Because the couch has a built-in chaise, I couldn’t buy a slipcover (and didn’t feel motivated to sew one).

Full disclosure – this photo was taken years ago, before I ever dreamed of sharing my home on a blog. However, you can see two types of furniture covers – a sheet on the couch and my DIY canvas slipcovers on the armchairs.

karlstad cover

You could also wrap a quilt or bedspread over a sofa for a thicker cover, if you don’t mind the drape. These pet-friendly furniture covers are a simple solution, cut to fit a couch.

I’ve seen suggestions to use canvas drop cloths for furniture covers, too. Personally, I think those work best as more tailored slipcovers, which I’ll explain in a moment.

If you have a common sofa or chair design, there are plenty of affordable, stretchy slipcovers available online. I’ve seen options at Target and on Amazon, and I just ordered these to try out on our dining room chairs. Here are more ideas and sources. Some of these come in other colors and furniture sizes, so click through to see your options if you like the design.

Cheap DIY Custom Slip Cover

If you follow Marian at Miss Mustard Seed, I’m sure you’ve seen her myriad slipcover projects. She’s a whiz at recovering and reupholstering her furniture.

A few years ago, I followed her 6-part tutorial to sew simple covers for a pair of armchairs we inherited. You’ll need moderate sewing skills for this project, or beginner skills + plenty of patience. It’s not too difficult, though.

karlstad cover
slipcover tutorial

This project is doable with a range of fabrics, but you should choose something that will stand up to wear. The canvas cloth is great because it’s so durable and thick, similar to some upholstery fabrics.

Canvas drop cloth must be 100% cotton to bleach properly. I’ve tried this method of bleaching canvas drop cloths and it worked out great. I bleached extra cloth in case I botched the slipcover project, and it came in handy for a porch swing cushion cover.

karlstad cover
canvas drop cloth slipcover

You could also buy heavy-weight curtains and use those – get a fun design out of it! Make sure the fabric is machine washable, or it defeats the purpose of this project.

Here are some fabrics that could work for this DIY project, with canvas drop cloth first.

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Reupholstering Resources

Let’s talk about reupholstering furniture. You could spring for a custom reupholstering job, if you’re restoring a treasured piece, but that won’t cut it for this budget makeover series. Here are some more affordable ideas.


Check NextDoor or your local Facebook community group for help with this project. There’s also the local Facebook Buy Nothing groups, where you might be able to work out a skills trade with someone.

nextdoor screenshot

Tackle it Yourself

With YouTube and blogger resources, there are a lot of upholstery tutorials available online. Personally, I’ve learned a ton about recovering furniture from Miss Mustard Seed. My mom recommends this book, if you prefer to reference a hard copy. Or you could look for a local class. Check Jo-Ann, Michaels, or a local craft store.

When we lived in Seattle many moons ago, Wyatt and I took a upholstery class at our local Pacific Fabrics store. It was fun to learn a new skill and bring a comfy little chair we had inherited from his parents back to life. The process was both easier and harder than I expected, and I was thankful to have the guidance of a pro. Highly recommend a class, if you can swing it!

Here is our funky little green chair…

reupholster furniture cover

Try This Comfort Works Karlstad Cover

One of the best ideas for updating furniture covers is to start with an extra cover when you purchase new furniture. I know my blog is basically one big love letter to IKEA, but this is truly a huge advantage to buying their furniture. We’ve learned to buy multiple covers when we purchase anything from IKEA. It makes their pieces much easier to update down the line and really extends the life of your investment.

I did purchase two original Karlstad covers when we bought the couch in Seattle. However, 1 dog and 2 kids later, it really needs a fresh makeover.

karlstad cover
Comfort Works slipcover

Some companies have popped up with great recovering options for the Karlstad line. I highly recommend buying a new cover from Comfort Works. A few years ago, we invested in a gray fabric cover for our Karlstad couch and it fits perfectly, is machine washable, and still looks great. It’s designed just like the original cover, but Comfort Works carries a ton of alternate fabric options. I recommend ordering samples before you buy.

Read More About Our Comfort Works Slip Covers Here

karlstad cover

This is not a sponsored post; I’m just very impressed with their product and happy to share. Here’s what our couch looks like with the Comfort Works cover. This is the same couch that was covered with a brown sheet in the photos above! (The chaise can switch sides.)

karlstad cover

If none of these budget makeover ideas work for you, here are other retailers that sell slipcovered furniture. These pieces will be an investment, compared to IKEA prices. If possible, I would highly recommend buying 1-2 extra covers for future use.

Home Reserve – made in USA!
Pottery Barn – probably the original, classy slipcover source, PB sells two lines: a roll arm style and a square arm collection
Crate & Barrel – the Willow collection is a coordinated line of slipcovered pieces

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