60+ Modern Black Door Hardware Ideas

Mar 20, 2021

60+ Modern Black Door Hardware Ideas

Mar 20, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

This post on modern black door hardware has gotten a major overhaul for 2021. Originally, I featured 12 great options, but I’ve rounded up a TON of new ideas and categorized them by brand and price point. If you’re searching for modern black door hardware to update your home, you have hit the mother lode!

Modern Black Door Hardware in Our White-on-White House

One of my favorite updates to our new house is the modern black door hardware. Since we painted the interior white, and everything looks fairly neutral, the black door levers are a striking contrast. We chose 3-panel doors (similar) when we swapped out the old hollow core doors. As you know from this post about Craftsman-style door trim, we have been updating the casing (door trim) throughout the house. I had my eye on modern black door hardware from the start, and I installed these Schlage levers as soon as the doors were hung.

modern black door hardware
Schlage Latitude matte black door lever
matte black door hardware
Schlage Latitude matte black door lever

I’ve considered painting the doors and trim a very light gray or beige, which would look awesome with the black hardware. But… the thought of repainting miles and miles of trim in the future is… daunting. Looks like I’m happy with white!

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Here’s how it’s coming together. The walls are Behr Silky White and the trim is Behr Ultra Pure White.

My Favorite Behr White Paint Colors

modern black door hardware on new doors
Similar door | Schlage Latitude matte black door lever

Love our door trim? Check out this post: How to Create Craftsman-Style Door Trim

Coordinating Black Door Hardware Throughout

In addition to these matte black levers, I coordinated the exterior door hardware as well on our three exterior doors.

The front door has this Schlage Century handleset and Latitude lever on the inside and a separate deadbolt.

Our back door and garage door each have these keyed Bowery knobs with Greyson trim, which is simply because I like the trim. Since the door hardware all coordinates in black, the rose seems to matter less (as long as you stick with round or square).

Does Door Hardware Quality Matter?

YES. In my opinion, it’s worth investing as much as your budget allows for quality hardware. These are some of the hardest-working components in our homes. Think about how it feels to open a door with a dinky, rattling, sticky knob, compared to a solid lever with a smooth, quiet snick. Multiply that by the thousands of times you’ll turn that door handle… No comparison, right?

Plus, we touch doorknobs and levers constantly, exposing them to the oil and dirt on our hands, as well as cleaning products; the finish needs to stand up over time. That’s why door hardware is worth the investment to get the highest quality product you can afford for your project.

The good news is that there are great hardware choices along the entire budget spectrum. You don’t have to splurge unless you want to.

black door hardware
Schlage Latitude privacy lever for bedrooms and bathrooms

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Most Affordable Modern Black Door Hardware Choices

Let’s get into the good stuff! The most affordable black door hardware choices that I recommend are from Schlage and Kwikset. I realize that you can find slightly cheaper options on Amazon, but this is an area where I would stick with lines that have been in business for years and years and get great reviews. Fortunately, there are so many great choices in matte black these days, for all budgets!


Kwikset makes the most affordable quality door hardware. This is a great knob, the Pismo with round rose, very streamlined and so pretty:

And this is a great lever in black or another finish, the Lisbon with a square rose:

For each of my graphics, the rose/trim/backplate name is on the left side, and the name of the knob or lever runs along the bottom of the columns. Links are below each graphic.

kwikset modern black hardware

Pismo round | Halifax round | Lisbon round | Milan round
Pismo square | Halifax square | Lisbon square | Milan square


Schlage is my favorite affordable line. Their products are great quality and I’ve never run into an issue. We have the Latitude lever with Kinsler trim on all of our interior doors. I bought locking Bowery knobs with Greyson trim for our exterior back and garage doors. The finish has held up on all of our door levers and knobs, and they still open and close smoothly and quietly.

We have the Latitude lever in both passage and privacy styles. I also bought a coordinating handle set and deadbolt for the front door.

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schlage door hardware

Bowery/Kinsler | Broadway/Kinsler | Latitude/Kinsler | Northbrook/Kinsler
Bowery/Greyson | Broadway/Greyson | Latitude/Greyson | Northbrook/Upland
Bowery/Collins | Broadway/Collins | Latitude/Collins | Northbrook/Collins

Mid-Range High-Quality Door Hardware

Baldwin makes high-quality door hardware, and the price range varies for their products. Some levers are $30-$50 and more popular lines are $70-$100+. These are the most modern black options in their lines, so the prices are a bit higher than my Kwikset and Schlage finds.

Contemporary round | Square round | Tube round
Contemporary square | Square square | Tube square

click here for diy resource guide

High-End Modern Black Door Hardware

Here are the most expensive modern door hardware options in this round-up. I’m sure you could find pricier handles out there, but these are superior-quality lines, and who really wants to spend more than this??


Emtek crafts beautiful products, right here in the US, and you can customize the options as you wish. I put together this grid to show how the different rose/trim choices can look with various knobs and handles. There are a ton of other options, too! Emtek has a very modern selection of designs, especially in levers. I love the lines on the Bern knob and the detailing on the T-Bar Knurled lever.

Round disc | Bern disc | Stuttgart disc | Hercules disc | Helios disc | T-Bar Knurled disc
Round square | Bern square | Stuttgart square | Hercules square | Helios square | T Knurled square
Round rectangle | Bern rect. | Stuttgart rect. | Hercules rect. | Helios rect. | T Knurled rect.


For Schoolhouse design fans, I’m sure you’ve noticed their gorgeous door hardware. Guess what? It’s made by Emtek. I’m not revealing state secrets here; you can see the logo clearly in their product photos.

Schoolhouse brass cylinder knob

If you covet Schoolhouse hardware, you can save a bit on the price by just locating the same Emtek products elsewhere online. I’ve done the research for you with these black knobs and levers:

Orb disc | Round disc | Stuttgart disc
Orb square | Round square | Stuttgart square
Orb Stretto 1.5 x 5″ | Round Stretto 1.5 x 5″ | Stuttgart Stretto 1.5 x 5″


We’re definitely in the designer price zone here, but Rejuvenation hardware is so beautiful, it’s worth a peek. My favorite is their Trask line, with knurled details and a cool, industrial vibe.

Knobs: Tumelo rectangle | Richmond rect. | Bowman rect. | Trask rect.
Knobs: Tumelo round | Richmond round | Bowman round | Trask round
Levers: Tumelo rectangle | Richmond rect. | Bowman rect. | Trask rect.

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How to Tie in Black Door Hardware

A few people have asked about other black hardware in our mostly white house. I find that black acts as a neutral, even though it’s bold. I have a black curtain rod in the living room, black cabinet hardware in the kitchen, and black metal light fixtures. We’ve started changing out the door hinges to black, as well. Those accents all coordinate nicely to provide some grounding contrast in our light and white space.

2021 Cabinet Hardware Trends + Where to Shop

black cabinet hardware in kitchen

Read more about our kitchen remodel here

Current House Tour

black curtain rod in living room
Similar black curtain rod (the curtains shrunk, please don’t give me a hard time…)

So there you go! Tons of great options for modern black door hardware and ideas to tie the look together throughout your house. I’d love to know if you have experience with any of these knobs or levers, for better or for worse! Shoot me an email or drop a comment below.

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2 years ago

any links to black door hinges that are good quality but great affordable price? also, does schlage have black lever door hardware with actual locks in it for interior doors? i prefer to lock our master bedroom door when we leave for date night and the kids are with the babysitter but still want the lever type handles

2 years ago

We have oil rubbed bronze hinges but they are very dark.
Would I be able to go with just matte black door handles or would I also need to match the hinges?

Alice Dunlap
Alice Dunlap
2 years ago

As someone who has washed around various knobs all of my life and one who now has levers on all of her doors, I must say, black levers are the way to go. Levers are so much easier for aging and arthritic hands or just when you’re managing something else and don’t really have a hand free to grip. My sister is quite envious of my levers – it was the first thing she noticed in my newly decorated house. And black is brilliant not only from a decorating point of view but from the cleaning lady’s perspective also 😉 (Although I am confessing here that I find the Schoolhouse brass knob shown in the post absolutely beautiful).

Beverly Foust
Beverly Foust
3 years ago

Do you have wall plates and sink/faucets to match?

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