2023 Cabinet Hardware Trends – Here’s What’s Hot!

Jan 2, 2023

2023 Cabinet Hardware Trends – Here’s What’s Hot!

Jan 2, 2023

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

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Researching cabinet hardware trends for your next kitchen update? Get the scoop on what’s trending right now and where to find the best hardware for your budget.

In 2021, I wrote a blog post predicting these cabinet hardware trends and it blew up. Meaning tons of visitors seeking ideas. Last year, I revamped the content for 2022, right here in the article you’re reading, and I’ll continue to update this post for 2023 as trends evolve. Get the latest and take a peek back at my previous hardware blog posts to see how styles are changing. Plus, I’ve included a few mistakes to avoid when you’re installing new cabinet hardware.

cabinet hardware trends white kitchen

Hardware Tips and Resources

1. Sleek Modern Pulls

Slim and sleek pulls are still the most popular cabinet hardware style. Modern bar pulls, whether tubular or square are top sellers, and for good reason. They look great on most cabinets, come in many finishes, and are a flexible design choice. I’ll break down some of the specific color trends in the next few sections, but overall, sleek pulls are the #1 trend right now – no matter the color.

If you want to buy in bulk, check out these tubular bar pulls or these square pulls from Liberty at Home Depot. They are available in black, bronze, silver, various center-to-center sizes, and multi-packs. Both options are high-quality and affordable.

black bar pull
black bar pull 10-pack (more sizes and colors available)
brass square pull
bronze square bar pull 12-pack (more sizes and colors available)

Amerock is another solid pick in the hardware industry. If you want to hop on cabinet hardware trends with t-bar pulls, here’s a great option. This link will take you to 5 color choices, including this classy polished nickel!

This bronze pull from Top Knobs is so beautiful and has me itching to revamp a kitchen:

cabinet hardware trends bronze pull
bronze bar pull 5 1/16″ center-to-center

If you’re willing to splurge a bit, check out this bronze pull. Wouldn’t this be cool in a kitchen with a mid-century vibe?

bronze pulls
bronze pull from Top Knobs

To roundup the collection, here are a few sleek designs, and most come in a range of colors/metals:

cabinet hardware trends bar pulls
similar bar pulls

Hot Tip: Read Amazon Reviews

Amazon will tempt you with cheap versions of these designs but please read reviews before buying. Goldenwarm and Amazon Basics appear to get the best reviews from customers.

Here’s a sample of good options for cheaper sleek and modern handles from Amazon. Most of these come in other finishes and multi-pack options, so click through if you want more choices.

For those who prefer to scroll my roundups, here you go! Click on these links to see the selection of colors, sizes, and multi-pack options at Amazon. These got good reviews at the time I published this post:

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2. Satin or Matte Black

Black is still the hottest color trend for 2023. Black hardware will update your cabinets in an instant, whether you love knobs, pulls, or a blend. Satin and matte black are the most common choices for a modern black look, especially on light-colored cabinets. As you know, I’m a huge fan.

How We Saved $20K on Our DIY Kitchen Remodel

black square pulls  and knobs
Top Knobs square bar pulls | similar pull from Amazon | round knobs

By the way, these matte black knobs are the absolute best. No flaking paint, chips, or other issues and they are comfortable to use. (Is anyone else picky about mushroom knobs, like I am??) They are my top pick for cabinet hardware and I continue to reorder them time and again! I installed the same black knobs on my bathroom vanity and will add them to our laundry room cabinets.

black knobs
black round knobs

3. Brass: Brushed or Polished

Warm tones are still on the rise in cabinet hardware metals. Satin brass and champagne bronze have a similar tone and the softer brass finish helps kitchens feel cozy and inviting. Polished brass can look sharp, too, and unlacquered brass is having a moment (for those who appreciate a rich patina – and maintenance). Brass looks lovely against crisp whites, taupe, black, and earthy blues/greens, if you plan to paint your cabinets.

cabinet hardware trends brass pulls
similar bronze square pulls

You’ll find brass hardware everywhere, but don’t skip Etsy! Really, it’s a treasure trove of design options in brass; here are just a few ideas. Etsy has great options in black too!

4. Copper Hardware

Copper is popping up as a cabinet hardware trend, and I am here for it! Real copper is an investment, so you might save it for a kitchen island or a featured element somewhere in the room. Check out these beautiful pulls from ProperCopperDesign at Etsy.

cabinet hardware trends copper pulls
image: ProperCopperDesign

You can also find plenty of affordable copper-toned knobs and pulls from other retailers (not actually copper – read the fine print for metal details). Copper looks great in farmhouse-style or traditional kitchens.

5. Elongated Pulls

Elongated pulls are going strong as we hit 2023. We’re talking much longer bar pulls here, at least 8 inches like these, or the copper pulls, above. Here’s an example.

cabinet hardware trends elongated pulls
image: Home Depot

These are gorgeous edge pulls, and they cover both the elongated and minimalist design elements.

white kitchen cabinets with black edge pulls
similar black edge pull

If you have smaller center-to-center holes pre-drilled and want the look of longer bar pulls, try these bar pulls. Also, jump to this section for more details on how to update your existing cabinet doors and drawers with new hardware.

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6. Adjustable Hardware

Here’s a new-to-me advance in hardware design: adjustable pulls! The handles have adjustable center-to-center locations to fit pre-existing holes. This is such a brilliant design idea that I think we’ll see more of it in the future.

Here is what they look like on cabinets in this stock photo:

adjustable hardware on cabinets
image: adjustable pulls

7. No Hardware

You can always stick with the minimalist look and opt for no hardware. This looks great with sleek lines on modern cabinets. Here’s a beautiful kitchen with two “no hardware” options: cutout handles in lower cabinets and flat-panel upper doors. If your doors overlap the cabinet boxes enough, you could also install invisible push latches like these. Check out more photos of this gorgeous kitchen here.

no hardware on modern cabinets
image: Fraher & Findlay

8. Style Statement – Do Your Own Thing

Like to chart your own course? Do it. Being unique is always in style. Beautiful hardware options abound, so why not choose what you love?

If you’re into the color-saturated, maximalist vibe that’s making a comeback, then go for it with statement pulls or knobs. Add a backplate for a bespoke look. Anthropologie is a great resource and here are some fun ideas from Etsy:

Free Guide to DIY

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The Easiest Way to Update Cabinet Hardware

Want to make a quick update? Just replacing your hardware will go miles to give your kitchen a facelift. Here’s how I did that when I painted our old 1980’s oak cabinets. You can read about it in this blog post.

The Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

How We Saved $20K on Our DIY Kitchen Remodel

First, you need to measure the width of the holes drilled into the cabinet door or drawer. That’s the center-to-center measurement. Then, shop for pulls that match the measurement. It’s that simple!

If you want to update your current handles and the existing holes are close together, aim for this look with bar pulls that extend past the mounting holes. That’s actually what I did with our original 1980’s kitchen; I painted the cabinets and then bought chrome bar pulls that would fit 3-inch centers but look longer.

4 Cabinet Hardware Tips + Resources

1. How to Mix Metals

Mix the metal finishes to add depth to your kitchen design. The faucet doesn’t need to match your light fixtures, but all cabinet hardware should usually have the same finish. Also, if you mix two metal finishes, make sure each is repeated within the space. Aim for 3+ items in a particular metal to coordinate the look.

Here’s a great example. This kitchen has both black and chrome finishes and they are echoed throughout the room. The black faucet ties in with the drawer edge pulls and black fireplace. The chrome light fixture coordinates with the stainless appliances and shelves, as well as similar lights over the other peninsula (second photo below).

how to mix metals in a kitchen
faucet | chandelier | similar edge pulls | fireplace screen
cabinet hardware trends with mixed metals
pendant lights | chandelier | similar edge pulls | fireplace screen

2. Combining Knobs and Pulls

You can certainly mix knobs and pulls on your cabinetry, but keep the finish and style consistent. This is a personal preference, but I think a mix of different hardware adds visual interest to a larger kitchen. Here’s how we mixed pulls and knobs in our last kitchen. Read more about our DIY kitchen remodel here. Here’s a progress shot:

cabinet hardware trends black bar pulls and knobs
square bar pulls | round knobs

Some designs follow the rule of pulls on the lower cabinets and knobs on the uppers. I’m intrigued by the choice to put little knobs on the tall cabinet on the left side of this kitchen, below. It’s very pretty, but I wonder how it feels, in real life, to open those doors with tiny knobs?

cabinet hardware trends long pulls and small knobs
similar pulls | similar knobs | similar brass pendant lights

Even if you prefer all pulls, using smaller and larger versions of the same handle will add dimension. Look for the different pulls and t-bar knobs (and mixed metals!) below in Sarah’s kitchen.

mixed knobs and pulls
image: Room for Tuesday

3. Cabinet Hardware Placement

Cabinet hardware placement can also update the look of your kitchen. Here’s a great overview of size and placement guidelines for cabinet hardware, whether you choose the traditional or modern locations.

Watch Out for These 4 Cabinet Hardware Mistakes

1. Distracting Black Hardware

One note about black hardware, and this is my personal opinion. Any fancy styling or design detail will be more noticeable in a kitchen filled with black pulls or knobs, because black hardware visually pops. You might want to choose a simple design so little frills or features aren’t distracting when you look at the whole kitchen.

Here’s an example. These knobs are quite large for the cabinet size. They really stand out in matte black. The sleek finger pull handles are lovely, but the knobs dominate the visual here. What do you think?

avoid distracting details on hardware
image: black edge pulls

Now perhaps you love a visual pop. In that case, ignore my critique! This pull looks great on a few cabinets. I would hesitate before installing them kitchen-wide in a large space, but in a small kitchen, they could look really cute.

cabinet hardware trends black pulls
image: black handles

2. Hard to Clean Handles

Watch out for knobs and pulls with little crevices. Unless you like cleaning out details with a toothbrush, you might regret choices that will collect grime. It’s inevitable, even in the cleanest kitchen, so it might be worth choosing hardware that’s easy to wipe clean.

3. Poor Usage Design

How will you use your cabinet hardware? Polished brass or nickel latches are very cute, but will you mind opening a latch each time you reach for a drinking glass? Perhaps those are best installed on the cabinets where you keep holiday serving dishes and other seldom-used items. Here’s a great example of cabinet latches on a built-in dining room hutch.

latch hardware on cabinets

4. Cheap Brands + Knock-offs

I mentioned this at the top, but it’s worth underlining: use caution before buying the cheapest hardware from Amazon. The star ratings can be misleading, so always read the reviews. Goldenwarm and Amazon Basics appear to be among the best options from Amazon.

Decent cabinet hardware is an investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s worth paying a few bucks more for a decent product, and you can find plenty of budget choices from reputable lines. Liberty, Top Knobs, Richelieu, and Amerock make affordable, quality hardware that is widely available at retailers.

Where to Shop for Cabinet Hardware

Are you ready to shop? Here are some great sources for beautiful cabinet hardware, grouped by budget. What’s your favorite source? Let me know!

High End

Buster + Punch
Restoration Hardware


Ballard Designs
Crate & Barrel
Pottery Barn
Signature Hardware

Most Affordable

D. Lawless Hardware
Home Depot
My Knobs

Unique and Vintage

House of Antique Hardware
Inspire Hardware

Good luck with your next project!

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