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The Best Cabinet Hardware in 2023

Apr 4, 2023

The Best Cabinet Hardware in 2023

Apr 4, 2023

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

Here are the best cabinet hardware options in 2023 for both kitchens and bathrooms. Swapping out your cabinet hardware is the easiest way to update the look of your kitchen or bath. Installing new knobs or pulls is also faster and potentially cheaper than painting walls or cabinetry, although I love those projects, too.

If you’ve read my article on cabinet hardware trends, please know, this roundup is different!

Plus! Don’t miss this article on Cabinet Hardware People Actually Buy at Amazon for a review of real stats.

best cabinet hardware

The Best Cabinet Hardware in 2023

My blog post on cabinet hardware trends for 2023 is filled with ideas for what’s in style right now, so if that’s your mission, head over to that article. This article dials in on the best cabinet hardware considering style, function, budget, and quality. The best cabinet hardware is what meets all of those criteria – especially for you!

2023 Cabinet Hardware Trends

Wondering what is the worst cabinet hardware? Jump down to my warning and avoid this cabinet hardware in your kitchens and bathrooms.

best cabinet hardware
similar black pulls

Best Cabinet Hardware Styles

Bar Pulls

The top cabinet hardware styles trending for 2023 are sleek, streamlined, and easy-to-clean bar pulls. Guess why cleaning matters more than ever? *Ahem* Pulls have become the go-to choice for hardware, but don’t let that stop you from adding knobs to the mix.

Is Brushed Nickel Out of Style?
2023 Trends in Cabinet Hardware

Based on my data from that article, I can easily tell you that bar pulls like these are still going strong. Champagne brass or brushed brass are the top sellers, notably this line of Amazon Basics brand pulls. They come in a huge range of sizes, finishes, and multi-packs at a bulk price.

Chrome is the most modern silver finish and looks great on wood cabinets and darker finishes. Brushed nickel has fallen in the ranks a bit, but if that’s your preference, try a modern style like this bar pull:

Amazon Kitchen Organization Finds + Deals

best cabinet hardware
similar black pulls
Simple Knobs

If you prefer knobs, the best style for 2023 is also simple and easy to clean. These Franklin Brass mushroom knobs are great quality and comfortable to grip; they also work with a range of cabinet styles.

These simple t-bar knobs are also a great pick, if you’re looking for a knob with a little more flair.

This home I toured a few years ago combined silver square bar pulls and simple cone knobs in this black-and-white kitchen. It was really stunning in person.

best cabinet hardware
similar silver square pulls | similar silver knobs

Stick with simple, clean lines rather than a stylized design or you might find yourself back here in a few years researching current styles.

For more ideas on trending styles and where to source them, you can jump to the shopping section in my trending cabinet hardware article. I listed a ton of resources for stylish cabinet hardware.

Wondering what people are actually purchasing?

Check out this article: Cabinet Hardware People Actually Buy at Amazon

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Best Cabinet Hardware Quality

When you’re investing in new cabinet hardware, purchase the best quality your budget can manage. The higher the quality, the longer it will last and the better your hardware will look over time. Just like jewelry, higher-quality metals will look better in the long run, as well as stand up to the wear and tear of a kitchen or bathroom.

In this section, I’ve broken down the best quality brands at three budget tiers, from highest to lowest price. These are lines you can easily source online or in larger hardware stores.

Please Note

Here’s a tip. If you’re on a tight budget, I recommend choosing a silver or brass finish over black. Flat or matte black finish is painted on and will eventually chip off high-touch hardware. (Ask me how I know.) It looks great, but if you choose a cheap knob or pull in a black finish, buy a few extra to tuck away for future replacements.

This affordable Ravinte line on Amazon won’t break the bank if you invest in backups.

I bought these chrome bar pulls 8 years ago and have installed them multiple times over in various houses. They are a fantastic buy and a great product from Franklin Brass. You can often find them for $4-5 each and they have a solid hefty weight, a nice quality in cabinet hardware.

High Quality + High Price

Let’s say you’re simply shopping for the best quality cabinet hardware, full stop. All of these manufacturers are known for high-quality products and are considered among the best in the business. I’ve included examples below comparing a 128mm (5-1/16″) square bar pull. Pricing for this first group of highest-quality hardware starts at $16 for a 5″ pull.

Emtek – check out these brass square bar pulls.

Baldwinthis pull is 6″ and as close to the square bar pull style as Baldwin makes.


Restoration Hardware

Mid-Price Point Cabinet Hardware

If you want a good quality product without a hefty price tag, these are reputable lines. You’ll pay a bit more than the cheapest Amazon knock-offs, but the quality is solid. These brands make nice hardware at an affordable, mid-range price point, roughly $5-10 per piece at the 128mm (5-1/16″) common length. Similar to this example from Liberty:


Atlas Homewares

Franklin Brass

Top Knobs

Least Expensive + Decent Quality Hardware

Now we’re in the cheapest hardware territory. If you’re flipping a house and don’t want to shell out big bucks on a custom kitchen, you can still buy decent hardware on a serious budget. Here’s where I advise reading the reviews most carefully.

Amazon Basics hardware seems to get the most consistently good reviews. Some of the other cheapest options sound like garbage based on customer feedback – light and hollow, arriving dented, the screws don’t fit… the list goes on.

Use caution, but you can find decent quality among these bargain options at Amazon. Here are comparable brass square pulls:

Amazon Basics




These seem to be lighter in person than this dark gold color, based on customer photos.

Need a Quick Fix Recommendation?

Time to get real. It’s possible to buy the cheapest hardware and still find winners. I bought these cheapo knobs as a temporary fix for our kitchen and they have held up perfectly! I even tested them for lead with a home testing kit (I’m a little crazy like that) and they tested negative. The only drawback is that some have a faint line where they were pressed into the mold, but for $0.77 each, it doesn’t bother me. If all you need is a simple, brushed silver knob, I recommend them.

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Best Vintage Cabinet Hardware

If you’re in the market for vintage cabinet hardware or knobs and pulls that fit with a specific time period, here are retailer suggestions.

Victorian, Art Deco, and Arts & Crafts

For period-specific hardware, check these sources. They carry everything from door knobs to cabinet hardware to hinges.

Vintage Hardware

House of Antique Hardware

Charleston Hardware Co.

Etsy – plenty of small businesses that specialize in vintage hardware, from salvaged items to reproductions

Mid-Mod or MCM Hardware

Because midcentury design has reemerged lately, plenty of retailers carry MCM-inspired hardware. You could look for modern versions of classic designs at these shops.

Hooks and Knobs – fun collection, similar to Anthropologie

Schoolhouse – classic designs with midcentury aesthetic

Rejuvenation – beautiful hardware and many midcentury-style options

Amazon – if you’re looking for something fairly common, don’t skip Amazon

AVOID: Worst Cabinet Hardware

Here’s the worst cabinet hardware for kitchens and bathrooms. Notice the caveat. These leather pulls are gorgeous in dry spaces!

If you love the look of leather handles and want leather pulls – please put them on a dresser. These will not stand the test of time in a kitchen or bathroom.

I have leather pulls on an IKEA dresser in my bedroom and they are great. Truly! I’ve used this dresser daily for a few years and the pulls still look perfect. But. They are really not intended for a space where wet, messy, dirty hands might be touching them. I thought that was common sense, but I’m seeing leather pulls in kitchen photos more and more.

That’s the scoop!

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