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My Favorite Affordable Turkish Towels

Feb 12, 2021

My Favorite Affordable Turkish Towels

Feb 12, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

I have a new favorite source for Turkish towels to share with you today. I’ve updated this post with the scoop and a special 20% off discount code for List in Progress readers! Look for The Bali Market towels below for details.

Have you hopped on board the Turkish towel train yet? If not, let me introduce you to my textile obsession. I’ve confessed to hoarding mason jars (read this post), and Turkish towels are not far behind. What I love most about these towels is that they are so versatile; I use them for hand towels, dish towels, bath towels, beach towels, and even a throw blanket! However, not all Turkish towels are created equal, and today I’m sharing my recommendations on the best affordable options.

turkish towels

What Exactly are Turkish Towels?

Also called peshtemal, hammam, or Fouta towels, these beauties are flat-woven, super light, and very absorbent. These days, you’ll find versions from tons of retailers, mostly in striped or geometric styles. Works for me!

I like these towels best for kitchens and beach trips. Because they are so lightweight, they dry incredibly fast, unlike terry cloth. At the pool, I hate using a soggy towel after a swim. Who doesn’t, right? Plus, it’s so nice to have fast-drying hand towels in the kitchen and bath, now that I’m washing my hands all. the. time.

turkish towels in our bathroom

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However, I’ll admit that Turkish towels are not my favorite bath towels. If you crave the feel of thick terry cloth, these will feel wimpy at first. They’re stylish, but they’re thin by design. I could see Turkish bath towels being a perfect fit if you live in a humid climate without AC. In those conditions, they actually have a prayer of air drying, so you can avoid mildewy bath towels in the summer.

TIP: To help towels develop maximum absorbency, soak them overnight in cold water before washing for the first time. Don’t use fabric softener and tumble dry low or air dry.

Also, you should look for towels made from 100% Turkish cotton. I’ve learned that some cheaper Turkish towels are just “made with” Turkish cotton, but it’s not necessarily 100% of the fiber content. That means the fabric will not be as high quality or absorbent. You get what you pay for, right?

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A New Favorite Turkish Towel from The Bali Market

The Bali Market reached out to me recently to see if I would be interested in trying their Turkish towels. Um… yes please! (By the way, if anyone offers me a mocha latte or a babysitter, I’ll have the same answer.) As it turns out, their towels are fabulous and I’m excited to recommend them! All products are 100% Turkish cotton and reasonably priced, considering the fiber content and high quality.


** The best part is that The Bali Market is partnering with me to offer a 20% discount to List in Progress readers!! Use the code LIST20 at checkout to take advantage of this great deal >> The Bali Market. If you try them, please let me know what you think! Here’s my full review…**

bali market turkish towels
Perfect Classic in light blue

I received these two hand towels to try from The Bali Market: the Perfect Classic in light blue and the Essential Stripe in navy. The Essential Stripe towel is a tad longer and is very generously sized for a hand towel.

the bali market turkish towels
Perfect Classic in light blue | Essential Stripe in navy
essential stripe in navy
Essential Stripe in navy

Both are fantastic; they are super absorbent right out of the gate (after washing) and beautifully constructed. My entire family put these towels to the test and approved (and they are quite picky since I’m always trying out new hand and kitchen towels…).

our kitchen
Essential Stripe in navy

The Essential Stripe is my new favorite, hands down. It’s both plush and super absorbent, even by Turkish towel standards. Once I tried it, I immediately jumped online to look for other colors and options in this fabric. It also comes in a bath/beach towel, a terry-backed washcloth, and a double-layered blanket.

Follow Up – March 2022

I’ve been using these towels for a while now and have more thoughts to share. Check out this post:

The Bali Market Turkish Towel Review – Honest Thoughts

Bali Market turkish towels

Update December 2022

I’ve started wrapping kitchen and bath gifts in Turkish towels! I’m here to tell you, my giftees are more excited about the towel than whatever is inside. It’s a surefire win – give it a try!

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turkish towels as gift wrap
tea towel set in red, taupe, navy stripes

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My Favorite Affordable Turkish Towels on Amazon

Now that I’ve gone through a few rounds of towel purchases from Amazon retailers, I can make solid recommendations. As with any Amazon purchase, you should ALWAYS read the reviews. Copycats abound, and not all Turkish towels are the same quality or fiber content, as I mentioned above. Just a note – beach/pool/bath towels are the same item in the Turkish towel world. They are roughly 38 x 70 inches, give or take a few inches.

SMYRNA – one of my favorite brands! Here is the beautiful bath towel I bought for our quick bathroom update. It’s plush and well-crafted. None of the tassels unraveled after I washed it, which is not always the case. In all honestly, I’ll probably use this most at the pool, since I just confessed that I’m not crazy about using these as bath towels. But now that I’ve discovered this brand, I plan to stay loyal for future hand towels.

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smyrna turkish towel
Turkish bath towel in black

A note about colors. It’s hard to tell on Amazon, but sometimes the colors aren’t what you expect. The towel I ordered through this company is black and cream. However, I ordered a few more from a different vendor, and they are black and white. Both are Smyrna brand towels, but I didn’t realize that the colors would be different until I saw them in person. You can see them side by side below. I always try to choose options that have free returns for situations like this.

smyrna turkish towels in cream and white
black and cream towel | black and white towel

A Beautiful Turkish Throw Blanket

We’re working on a back porch update and I ordered this Turkish throw blanket in black for the swing. It is gorgeous! This blanket is a really generous size and super soft cotton. I’m in love. Highly recommend it, if you’re in the market for a throw. (If black is sold out, check out this similar throw blanket.)

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turkish throw blanket
throw blanket | similar

Best for the Beach/Pool

Even though I’m not wild about using one as a bath towel, I LOVE Turkish towels for the pool or beach! This has been my beach towel for the past two years, and it’s fantastic. Great quality, the tassels have stayed tied, and the towel is softer than ever. I love having a thin, light towel in my pool bag since it’s already weighted down with other junk.

paramus turkish towel
beach towel (only in orange) | similar taupe towel

I’m bummed to report that this company, Paramus, seems to be hard to find on Amazon at this point. They still sell this towel in orange, but I’m struggling to find the same design in other colors (mine is taupe). I would suggest trying this one from Smyrna or this one, which also gets great reviews. If you love Southwestern geometric patterns, check out this design. If we hadn’t canceled our beach trip this summer, I would have an excuse to buy it!

Great Towels, but Not My Favorite

Cacala is consistently on the list of best brands for Turkish towels on Amazon. I bought this set of 4 hand towels three years ago, and they have become my go-to kitchen towels. Super absorbent and fast-drying, they get the job done. Unfortunately, the tassels started to unravel after the very first wash, and they look a little ragged at this point. It looks like Cacala might have solved this problem because the tassel design appears to have changed… However, the Perfect Classic towels from The Bali Market are a much better investment for this classic style, in my experience.

cacala turkish towel
similar, newer hand towel
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Other Affordable Choices (and a Few Splurges)

As I mentioned, everyone under the sun is selling Turkish towels these days. I bought this cute hand towel from CB2 for our bathroom refresh, and the quality is great. (Was it smart to buy a cream-colored towel for dirty little hands? Of course not. Now I’m saving it for guests. Someday, I hope we’ll have those again.) Actually, this towel is “Morrocan inspired” and not Turkish, but it’s pretty similar.

cb2 towel in bathroom
hand towel


– Etsy is filled with affordable Turkish towel vendors. Shop here.

– Land’s End is even selling colorful Turkish-style beach towels.

– West Elm sells organic cotton Turkish towels in neutral colors.

– I bought this cute towel from CB2; it’s backed with terry cloth and similar to a Turkish towel. Perfect for bathrooms and only $7!

– Wayfair also has a range of towels at different price points. Shop here.


– Check out The Bali Marketand get a 20% discount with code LIST20!!

– Parachute sells highly-rated linens. Here is their Fouta towel set.

– Serena & Lily offers a Fouta towel collection and a cute set of hand towels.

**If you want to splurge, check out Coyuchi and Brooklinen towels. Or just “window shop” if you’re a textiles-fanatic, like me!

turkish towels in my collection
Clockwise from top left: throw blanket | bath/pool towel | bath/pool towel (only in orange now) | hand towel

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3 years ago

I just ordered some towels from the Bali Shop. I got a bit mixed up in the ordering (my fault. I missed putting List20 into the promo code ) and found that their customer service rep, Grace, was wonderful about straightening it all out. My towels aren’t here yet but I’ll let you know all about them when they arrive.

3 years ago

I love Turkish towels they are super soft and lightweight products, we take them with us everywhere we go. Also super travel friendly. Thanks for this blog post, If you get a chance please check our Atribe Towels too…

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