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Where to Buy Affordable Art for Your Walls

Mar 13, 2021

Where to Buy Affordable Art for Your Walls

Mar 13, 2021

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a tiny commission, at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Read my disclosure here.

If you’re looking for affordable art ideas for your walls, you’ll love today’s roundup. This post is a follow-up to 13 DIY Wall Art Ideas that I shared last month, for those who like to create their own art. Today’s post has my favorite sources to buy affordable art online or in stores. Plus, I’ve got tips on affordable framing.

Best Options for Large Affordable Art Prints

1. IKEA – It’s hard to beat IKEA prices for large canvas art or prints. If you don’t like the current options, just wait until the next season for new pieces. IKEA is also a great source for affordable frames.

2. Minted – Beautiful selection of fine art prints in a variety of sizes. Some can be printed as large as 48″ x 70″ and you can buy with frames or without. Many artists offer storefronts of their work through Minted.

3. Society6 – This is one of the most affordable art retailers online. Society6 designs can also be purchased in many formats – textiles, prints, even cell phone cases. Artists also offer collections of their work, just like Minted.

4. – Since they nabbed the ultimate website name, it’s a good thing offers a range of prints, including work from some big names. There is even a selection of large canvas artwork for close to $100.

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Expanded Art Options

1. Etsy – As always, Etsy is a winner in the arts and crafts category, and there’s a wide collection of art prints and other work for your walls. These prints make a unique gallery wall; the images started as actual pressed flowers, which were scanned to create the prints.

4. One Kings Lane – From modern to vintage, maps to mixed media, the art from OKL covers all the bases. You can find affordable works if you dig through the massive collection.

2. MoMa – If you’re a modern art fan, the MoMa Design Store is a wonderland of creative items. Buy posters and prints online or expand your art search into home decor, office, kitchen, and more.

3. 20×200 – Really creative and unique prints, if you want something your neighbors won’t see at IKEA. There’s a huge price range, but the smaller sizes are fairly affordable.

Retailers with Affordable Art Selections

Some brick & mortar retailers also sell affordable art worth investigating. Expanded options might be available online vs in-store. Here are a few ideas.

1. HomeGoods – Definitely affordable, but the selection really varies. You’ll have to visit in person.

2. Urban Outfitters – If you’re a fan of modern boho, check out the prints and tapestries.

3. World Market – Affordable home goods with an international flair, including the wall art options. This diptych 2-piece artwork is very on-trend.

4. Target – My favorite store has stepped up their art game and has some great finds at affordable prices.

5. Local art museum shops – try buying prints locally at museum shops, even the smaller ones. Where I grew up in PA, the Brandywine River Museum is a local gem and they have a fantastic gift shop.

Where to Buy Affordable Frames

Framing your prints can be half the battle and most of the expense. Here are a few sources for affordable frames:

  1. IKEA – cheap frames, even up to large format sizes
  2. Michaels – both standard and custom-size mats and frames
  3. Target – cheap, basic frames
  4. Framebridge – they will frame almost anything for you and have a unique selection of frame materials
  5. Read this article for more online custom framing options

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